Winning a Waterstones competition

This week I had some exciting news. Drum roll please … I found out that I’d won a competition.

And not just any competition; this competition was a Waterstones competition which means that books are involved.

I don’t usually win many competitions. In fact, in all my 35 years I’ve only ever won one raffle, which was quite exciting at the time because the prize was £25 worth of book vouchers. That was about five years ago. Since then I’ve not won anything.

So it was a lovely surprise to come home to find a book-shaped parcel waiting for me. Who would want to send me a book? Chris always buys me books for birthday and Christmas presents so I wondered if he’d ordered something. But my birthday isn’t for another five months and Chris is not usually that organised. He’s more a last-minute birthday book shopper.

I sat down and opened the present – a lovely new hardback copy of Sara Taylor’s The Shore. The Shore

And then I remembered. A few weeks or months ago, I’d entered a competition to win a review copy. I’d read the blurb and the book seemed really interesting. I’d wanted to read it. Regular readers of my blog know that I’m trying to control my book binge buying so I thought it was worth entering. If I didn’t win, I’d hang on for the paperback.

I didn’t actually think I would win!

As a Waterstones cardholder I always get emails and offers from them. I’ve entered quite a few things but never got lucky. This time I had.

‘Congratulations,’ the letter said. ‘I’m delighted to inform you that you are one of our winners.’

I was so excited.

I decided to save the book for the Easter weekend. I’m treating myself to a long weekend of reading. The fridge is already full of chocolate, so I’m looking forward to curling up with a few chocolate treats and what looks like it might be a good book.


Thorntons, Dairy Milk and Minstrels – that should do nicely 🙂


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