Catching up and eating cake

The deadline for my master’s degree assignment is fast approaching.

I’ve been planning, thinking and frantically scribbling notes for quite some time. I’m exploring the relationship between running and writing, focusing on the poetry of Helen Mort and thinking of how running helps my own writing practice. It’s been an amazing project to work on. I don’t want it to end. After my final seminar today, I have two weeks to polish it to perfection and then it’s hand-in day.

It’s so nice to be absorbed in a project that combines both my passions. I love books and writing. I also love running. If you’re interested I also write a running blog Some people may think that writing and running don’t have much in common. But running helps me to think and generate ideas, and that helps me to write. Running is part of my creative process. It’s where I plan and even start composing.

Last week I tried to get my research on running and writing and the cognitive science behind it into some sort of order. My mind was buzzing with ideas and thoughts, and it was all getting to be rather overwhelming – so much information but where to start? I was delighted when my friend called to see if I fancied lunch. We spent a lovely few hours catching up and eating cake. We talked about books and writing. I was delighted that my friend has also had some success with not just one, but two writing competitions. We talked about the future and our writing plans and ambitions. It was lovely. cake with Lucy

Back at my desk the next day, everything seemed to slot into place. Within an hour my assignment plan was written. I knew what I wanted to say and I was feeling confident about saying it. For many writers just getting away from the desk and computer can help with the writing process. Usually I walk, run, muck-out or ride the horses. Anything to distract my mind from the process of actually writing. I was pleased that meeting a friend for a catch up and cake seems to have a similar impact on my creativity. Now I have a perfect excuse to do it more often!


2 thoughts on “Catching up and eating cake

  1. Hi. I picked your blog up via the MA Writing tag. It’s interesting you find your writing is enhanced and complemented by your running: I do a great deal of cross-country walking, during which many ideas have been nurtured, grown, discarded and re-ordered. I’m not sure the writing would be as effective without the walking.


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