Books, cake and chocolate – a perfect birthday

It was my birthday yesterday. A birthday for me usually involves three things – books, cake and chocolate!

This year there was certainly a lot of cake. A huge chocolate cake actually (and it tasted great). There was also a lot, and I mean a lot, of chocolate. It should last me until the end of the week. But books? Well, there was only one. 36th birthday cake

Chris always buys books for my birthday or Christmas or Valentine’s Day. I’ve discovered some wonderful books because he picks things that I wouldn’t normally read. But this year he didn’t buy any. Instead I was given a bookshop voucher, which is great and I’m very happy with this. The thing is I missed opening my book presents. I missed the excitement of finding out what Chris had selected for me.

The reason that Chris opted for the vouchers is because my book-buying has got so out of control in recent years that he’d struggle to find a book that I haven’t already bought.

‘It’s impossible,’ he said. ‘I don’t know what you’ve got or haven’t got.’

It was a good point, because quite frankly, neither do I. To solve the problem I’m going to read more, much more. I’m going to prioritise my reading. I always feel guilty sitting down to read when there are so many things that need doing, but actually that’s silly. I’m studying English literature and writing, so it should be my priority.

Maybe once I’ve cleared my to be read pile, Chris will be able to resume the book buying.

It wasn’t a completely book-less birthday though. My friend from running club bought me a book about running. Lizzy Hawker’s Runner – a short story about a long run looks great and I can’t wait to get started. And there’s also the book vouchers to look forward to spending!


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