Short Story Challenge

This week I’ve launched my challenge to read a short story a day. I love reading short stories, so I’m really looking forward to this. I want to read the classics and contemporary, and would love to hear your recommendations. I’m hoping reading more will also help improve my own short story writing.

I began my challenge last night. It was cold and rainy outside and felt more like winter than summer, so I put the heating on, made a cup of hot chocolate and sat down with my first story.

It was from Rhidian Brook’s collection The Voice of the Little Man. I read the first story, ‘Fennel’ which you can read here. I really enjoyed this story. It was engaging, subtle and stayed with me after the reading. I think that’s always the mark of a good short story. It stays with you for a while. I’m keen to read more in this collection. Rhidian Brook is a novelist and scriptwriter. He’s had over a dozen stories published in magazines or broadcast on radio and they’re available to read on his website.


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