Christmas in books

Well that’s Christmas over with for another year. We’ve just taken the tree down, which always make me feel a little sad. After a long break, it’s also time to go back to work tomorrow. In an attempt to hang on to the Christmas spirit for just a little longer, I’ve decided to share my Christmas books.

As always, I bought lots of books for my family and friends. There are far too many to mention (books not friends), but they included a few crime novels for my mum and friend, Zoe. As they’re into horses I got them both a copy of One Hundred and Four Horses by Mandy Retzlaff. This tells the story  of the Retzlaff’s who, after being evicted from their farm, began a journey across Zimbabwe to save the horses they loved. This is definitely a book I will be reading when Mum and Zoe have finished.

Chris made some good book selections this year: The Penguin Book of the British Short Story volume 2, and The Champion by Tim Binding. Although Chris only gave me two book presents, he is forgiven as he also asked me to marry him. He probably felt he needed to make some good book selections or I would say no!

I’ve also been doing rather too much book buying for myself this Christmas. Things could possibly be getting out of hand again. I’ve promised myself that I WILL NOT buy any more books in January. So far, I’ve bought four, but that’s the limit. My purchases have included: The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George, Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire Fuller, Moving by Jenny Éclair, and Crooked Heart by Lissa Evans. Some of these are on the Richard and Judy and Waterstones book club lists for Winter 2016.

Before Christmas, I also treated myself to a few books. It was impossible to buy for other people, and not find books that I needed (yes needed!) for myself. They included: Queenie by Alice Munro, Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys, Life After You by Lucie Brownlee, and The Book of Night Women by Marlon James.

And I’ve just remembered that this weekend I also bought Ali Smith’s Public Library and Other Stories, which means I’ve bought five books in January. However, this was an essential purchase as the stories in the collection are about what we do with books and what they do with us. I simply had to have this book!

So there you are. My Christmas in books. I may have packed my Santa bookmark away for another year, and I may have to get back to reality tomorrow, but I have lots of books to get stuck into.

Happy reading!



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