How do I get out of a reading slump?

I can only be experiencing what must be a reading slump. This is not good, not good at all!

So far this year, I have only read one book. ONE BOOK! In all of my 36 years this has never happened.

I’ve read a few short stories, which I enjoyed, and I started a few other books, but for various reasons, I didn’t finish them.

Life has been so busy it’s been getting in the way of my reading. On an evening I’ve been so tired that I’ve collapsed into bed without reading a page. For a bookwork like myself this is awful.

Enough is enough. I’ve decided to take action. To get back on the reading straight and narrow, I’ve decided to give up watching television. Apart from Happy Valley and The Night Manager, there’s not really been much on in the way of good TV. Chris and I usually have an hour in an evening, watching telly to relax. Sometimes the TV is so bad that it brings out the worst in me. On the odd occasion, when something has been particularly dull, I’ve even ended up ranting at the TV. ‘That’s an hour I’ll never get back!’ I’ll say. ‘I wish I’d spent it reading!’

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve said this. So, enough is enough. I’m not prepared to waste any more reading time. That hour before bed will now be spent curled up with a good book. I really hope this gets me out of the reading slump.

In the meantime, if any of you fellow bookworms have any advice or book recommendations, they will be gratefully received!



2 thoughts on “How do I get out of a reading slump?

  1. I felt the same way after having a baby. Now I read on my lunch hour at work. It’s a nice break from work, the computer screen, and any connection to life. It’s one hour a day I can dedicate just to me.

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