Saturday short story: Meeting the Lobster

The Bridport Prize is one of the most prestigious short story competitions in the English language. Since 1973 it has aimed to encourage emerging writers and promote literary excellence.

Bridport Prize

The annual prize receives thousands of entries from the UK and overseas. The deadline for entries is always the end of May, which is why I decided to select one of the Bridport winners as my Saturday short story.

As well as poetry and short story categories, there is also a prize for the best flash fiction of 250 words. I’ve never written much flash fiction. It strikes me as being a very difficult thing to do. However, I enjoy reading it. Today’s short story won first prize in the Bridport 2011 flash fiction category and is called Meeting the Lobster, written by Becky Tipper.

I loved this story because it has such an emotional impact. It stayed with me long after I first read it back in 2011. I have never forgotten it, and I’ve read a lot of stories. This one stands out. I’m not going to say much more, other than you should read it. Alternatively, it has been adapted into a video, available here.

The writer, Becky Tipper, is originally from the UK, but now lives in New England, US. Her website has links to her other stories.

I’d love to know what you think.

Happy reading!




2 thoughts on “Saturday short story: Meeting the Lobster

  1. Hi Liz, how lovely to stumble across this and that Meeting the Lobster is your Saturday story! Thank you:) It’s always nice to discover someone has read (and even better, enjoyed!) something I have written. Am enjoying browsing your blog. Becky


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