The week in books

The weeks are going too quickly. It’s now only two weeks until my exam. I wish time would slow down a bit, just so I can do the necessary revision.

Over the last week I have completed and passed (hurrah!) my final assignment for my literature degree, had my dad’s birthday party (more small gathering really) and taken part in a few running races. Here are a few pics from the small gathering. Olivia had spent most of the day being creative and decorating the door.

I’ve been writing and blogging here and on Champion Running, and have been plodding on with my running book. I’ve set a target of writing at least 357 words a day. I realise this is rather a specific number, but there has been some maths involved in order to meet a deadline to submit work to my mentors.

On the reading front I’m still in the nineteenth century, focusing on Madame Bovary, Far from the Madding Crowd, Jane Eyre, Heart of Darkness, The Awakening and Northanger Abbey. I’ve abandoned plans to revise Middlemarch. It’s just too big to revise, especially in a fortnight! I also attended my monthly Comma Press short story group, which was great, and have been reading a few short stories, which I’m going to write another blog post about.

Hope you’ve had a good weekend.

Liz x


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