Exam over – let the summer reading begin

I did it! I survived a three-hour exam on the nineteenth century novel. I even enjoyed it, just a little.

The exam was yesterday morning. I woke early feeling a bit nervous but, thankfully, the adrenalin kicked in. Before going into the exam, I got a tea and sat outside in the sunshine doing a bit of last-minute revising. It helped me to focus. I felt ready.

Three hours seems a long time but when you’re frantically scribbling away, it goes so quickly. I answered four questions, which included two essays, one textual analysis, and one review of the critics. I did the best I could. In fact, I left the exam room feeling pleased.

It was such a relief to complete the course. It’s been a tough year for my family, and the pressure of doing a degree has been something that I could have done without. Now that it’s over, I feel so proud. I’ve done it!

One of the best things about finishing the course is that I can focus on my own reading. For nine months, I’ve felt guilty reading anything that wasn’t on the reading list. I’ve been in a nineteenth century bubble. Now I’m out and I am so excited. It means I can enjoy a summer of reading.

Last night, in my post-exam happy state, I did two things. I went into my book room and selected a few books for holiday reading. I then went onto the internet and booked a holiday. After a year of study and exam-stress, it’s time to get my reading back on track. Let the summer reading commence…




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