About me

My name is Liz. IMG_3205

I love reading. I love books.

I have a house full of books and keep buying more. I just need more hours in the day to read them! I also have a Kindle, which was a birthday present from my partner, who was attempting to stop me cluttering up the house with books. It didn’t work. I love book shopping.

my bookcase

One wall of my book room.

I’ve always loved reading. In fact, my parents thought I was a bit odd because as a child I was always reading. When I wasn’t reading, I was at the library. I dreamed of one day becoming a writer and having a book published.

I trained as a journalist working on newspapers and magazines, then moved into writing and marketing for various charities. I also write copy and features on a freelance basis. I specialise in health, fitness and sport, particularly running, but I’m happy to write on any topic. I also teach writing and English in the community.

I’m a student on the MA Writing programme at Sheffield Hallam University. I’m studying modules in novel, short story and contemporary fiction. I’m currently working on my first novel.

As well as reading and writing, I enjoy running and horse riding. I write a running blog www.championrunning.co.uk

You can find me on Twitter @Lizzie_Champion or Facebook lizchampionwriter.


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