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I have two books on the go at the moment. The first is Jane Rogers’ The Testament of Jessie Lamb, and the second is Stephen King’s On Writingtestament of jesse lambon writing

Stephen King’s On Writing. This book has been recommended lots of times, but I’ve never read it. I think it’s because I had a nasty experience when I last read a Stephen King novel. I was 16 and babysitting on a farm in the middle of nowhere (Yorkshire). It was a stormy night. All the children were in bed. I was alone. The novel absolutely terrified me. I wanted to read on, but I was too afraid. I sat for hours listening to the wind and the strange noises. Then I had to walk home across a field with only a torch to light my way. Since then, I’ve avoided anything written by Stephen King.

My Sister Lives On The Mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher. It’s a children’s book that was recommended when I was working as a teacher of English. I found it interesting for the voice of the narrator.

 my sister lives on the mantelpiece

white crowMarcus Sedgwick was holding a master class at my university, so I wanted to read at least one of his books before I met him. I bought White Crow from a book event at school a few months ago. Marcus writes for children, young adults and adults. White Crow is for children aged 13+.

   Prayers for the Stolen was a recommendation from my friend Laura. I loved it.

Prayers for the Stolen

Crime novels are not usually my thing. In fact, not my thing at all. road dogsMy mum, on the other hand, loves them. When I received my MA reading list, my tutor recommended Elmore Leonard for the dialogue if nothing else. So, I found a second-hand copy of Road Dogs and started reading on the way to my writing class on Thursday night. I got through chapter one. I went to my class. On the way back, I was so hooked I almost missed my tram stop! When I told my mum, she was delighted – not that I’d almost missed my stop, but that I was enjoying a genre she loves.


slaughterhouse five    the old man and the sea   unless  hotel world  kelly gang



half blood blues

From the first chapter, I knew I was going to enjoy this book.


The first book on my MA reading list. Can’t wait to get started.


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